Just 24 years old and a Lieutenant in the 1st Battalion, 72nd Highlanders he was awarded the Victoria Cross during the Indian mutiny when the following deed took place in March 1858 at Kotah.
For conspicuous bravery on the 30th of March, 1858, at Kotah, in having headed a small party of men, and attacked a body of armed fanatic rebels, strongly posted in a loop-holed house, with one narrow entrance. Lieutenant Cameron stormed the house, and killed three rebels in single combat. He was severely wounded, having lost half of one hand by a stroke from a tulwar.
Aylmer Spicer Cameron. VC.
Colonel, 72nd Highlanders(Seaforth)
1833 - 1909
VC won at Kotah, Indian Mutiny, 30th March 1858
St Marks Churchyard, Highcliffe.